VOL.5 我們相遇過

01  New York -- Sebastien Schuller 【選自Evenfall

02 Chalkboard Game -- Alison's Halo 【選自Eyedazzler 1992-1996

03 Out of This Place -- Sunlight Ascending【選自 All the Memories, All at Oncg】

04 Twinklebox -- Emphemetry 【選自Twinklebox | Old Dreams】

05 I Love You But In The End I Will Destroy You -- Goonies Never Say Die 【選自No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears】

06 Géranium --Magnetoscop. 【選自Une Fleur Dans Le Goudron】

07 Theme For The Oddmory Philosophies -- The Seven Mile Journey 【選自 The Journey Studies】

08 Autumn Call -- The Same But 100 Times Better 【選自Different Types Of The Same】

09 We Think Of You All The Time -- Rest 【選自 REST EP】

10 My Atonement -- ISLES 【選自 Spaces.


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